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Virtuozzo 7.0 Update 1 (7.0.1-675)

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016 01:27PM UTC

Issue date:        2016-10-18

1. What's Included in This Update

The new packages for Virtuozzo 7.0 introducing new features and bug fixes.

2. New Features

- Migration of virtual machine and container templates as well as EZ templates between Virtuozzo hosts. (PSBM-48133, PSBM-49344) Virtual machine and container templates can be moved (default) or copied (with the '--clone' option) between Virtuozzo hosts by means of the same 'prlctl migrate' command used to migrate VMs and containers. EZ templates can be copied between Virtuozzo hosts by means of the new 'prlsrvctl cttemplate copy' command.
- Encryption of container virtual hard disks. (PSBM-28227) Virtuozzo now offers container virtual hard disk encryption capabilities based on 'dm-crypt' and 'cryptsetup'. The current implementation uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm. The encryption mechanism is separated from encryption key management, enabling you to use your own key management system (KMS) to issue and manage encryption keys. The new feature is managed with a set of new parameters for 'prlctl'.
- Backups to remote hosts. (PSBM-32623) Virtual machine and container backups can now be stored on and restored from remote hosts. The remote host IP address can be specified with the '-s' parameter of the 'prlctl backup' command.
- Docker containers inside Virtuozzo containers. (PSBM-47418) Virtuozzo now enables you to create and run Docker containers inside Virtuozzo system containers. You can install Docker in a Virtuozzo container from a Virtuozzo's Docker application template, from the official Docker repository as described in the Docker installation guide, or from your favorite OS repository. If you install Docker from the Docker or OS repository, make sure that your Docker version uses the overlayfs storage driver.
- Performance statistics for virtual machines and containers running on a Virtuozzo host. (PSBM-43139) With 'prlctl statistics', you can now print all or some of the following performance counters: storage device, network, CPU, RAM, and mounted filesystem.
- Support for overlayfs inside containers. (PSBM-47981) overlayfs is used in Docker containers created inside Virtuozzo system containers.
- Support for up to 256 GB RAM in virtual machines. (PSBM-48763)
- Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 1 in containers. (PSBM-49718)
- Support for Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) in containers. (PSBM-38455) SCTP is disabled by default in containers and can be enabled by loading the 'sctp' kernel module on the host with 'modprobe sctp'. After the module is loaded, you can use standard Linux tools to create and use SCTP sockets inside containers.
- Ability to connect to offline containers. (PSBM-39463) With 'prlctl console', log in to and execute commands in running containers as well as attach to stopped containers to get information on their startup from bootstrap programs (such as 'init') for troubleshooting purposes. Logging in to containers requires a virtual terminal (e.g., mingetty) to be installed in the container.

3. Bug Fixes

- Imposible to estimate downtime during offline migration of huge ploop containers. (PSBM-28767, PSBM-48615)
- Unable to reconfigure network configuration after restoration from snapshot. (PSBM-44774)
- A memory leak in ostor-s3gw may lead to excessive memory consumption on host. (PSBM-44879)
- Cannot start CentOS 5 container due to a quotacheck error. (PSBM-47292)
- Windows-based VMs could freeze on Virtuozzo Storage after multiple cluster failures. (PSBM-47925)
- VMs with Ubuntu 14.04 guests may hang on backup. (PSBM-49106)
- Attempts to inflate balloon in VM close to OOM takes up 100% of CPU of said VM. (PSBM-49193)
- Cannot detach ploop image mounted inside container. (PSBM-49606)
- Creating multiple network namespaces in a container reduces host performance. (PSBM-49690)
- The default OpenVZ installation contains Wi-Fi stack and wireless firmware collections. (PSBM-49708)
- Unable to stop containers with a lot of nested cgroups. (PSBM-49914)
- Improvements to the logging module. (PSBM-49966)
- vznetstat -v does not show network statistics for specfied EnvIDs. (PSBM-50088)
- Attempt to enter container in suspending state hangs said container. (PSBM-50143)
- Incorrect restore of disks of VM restored from Virtuozzo 6, then backed in Virtuozzo 7. (PSBM-50153)
- Unable to resize container disk if the previous resize attempt has been interrupted by a hard node reboot. (PSBM-50208)
- vzpkg install does not create directories in /run or /var/run/. (PSBM-50243)
- Unable to synchronize the VM's file system during backup if a partition in said VM appears mounted more than once in /proc/mounts. (PSBM-50465)
- The autostop option is ignored for virtual machines and containers. (PSBM-50860, PSBM-50873, PSBM-52600)
- Cannot create a Debian/Ubuntu template cache without precreating the 'minimal' environment. (PSBM-50889)
- Getting network interface addresses is slow on some nodes which results in lower performance of dependent services. (PSBM-50993)
- 100 GiB hard disks are listed as too small for Virtuozzo Storage. (PSBM-51210)
- Unable to allow to select boot device on VM start. (PSBM-51343)
- Dropped support of containers with Ubuntu 14.10 guest OS. (PSBM-51524)
- Network bridges are created for bond slave interfaces during kickstart installation. (PSBM-53030)

4. Obtaining the Update

You can download and install the update using the yum utility included in the Virtuozzo 7.0 distribution.

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