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Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 Update 7 (6.0.7-2195)

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2016 12:53PM UTC
Synopsis:          The new Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 update introduces
                   new features and provides stability and usability fixes.
Issue date:        2014-07-16
Product:           Parallels Cloud Server 6.0
Keywords:          'stability' 'usability'
1. What's Included in This Update
The new packages for Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 introduce new features and provide stability and usability fixes for virtual machine and Container management tools and Parallels Cloud Storage.
2. New Features
- Multiple virtual hard disks in Containers (#PSBM-15338). Even though new Containers are created with just one virtual hard disk, you can now add more disks to a Container and keep the corresponding ploop images at locations of your choice, be it directly attached HDDs or SSDs or Parallels Cloud Storage. Such functionality allows creating more flexible Containers, in which, for example, the operating system is kept on a fast SSD and user content is stored on a capacious HDD or Parallels Cloud Storage.
- Ability to select which Container disks to compact (#PSBM-26001). The new --autocompact parameter for the prlctl set command allows you to select which Container disks should be compacted by the pcompact tool. For details, see the Parallels Cloud Server Command Line Reference Guide.
- S.M.A.R.T. monitoring of physical disks used by Parallels Cloud Storage (#PSBM-26433). The S.M.A.R.T. status of physical disks is now monitored by the smartctl tool installed along with Parallels Cloud Server. Every 10 minutes, the tool polls all physical disks attached to Hardware Nodes in the cluster, including caching and journalling SSDs, and reports the results to the MDS server. You can view disk poll results in the output of the pstorage top command (press d to switch to the disks table).
- Ability to change iSCSI target's IP address (#PSBM-26416). Now, if you need to change the IP address of an iSCSI target, stop the target, then run the command pstorage-iscsi set -t <target_name> -a <new_IP_address>.
- Ability to increase iSCSI LUN size (#PSBM-26175). Now, if you need to increase the size of an iSCSI LUN, stop the target, then run the command pstorage-iscsi lun-grow -t <target_name> -l <lun_ID> -s <new_size>.
- Chunk server failure flags in pstorage top (#PSBM-24724). The flags in the CS section of pstorage top now indicate the reasons for CS failure. For more details, see the Parallels Cloud Storage Administrator's Guide.
- Monitoring of lost packets and network latencies for Parallels Cloud Storage services (#PSBM-27003, #PSBM-26211). Based on these monitoring results, Parallels Cloud Storage optimizes network traffic between its services. The lost packets and network latencies are shown in the RETRANS and LAT_AVG, LAT_MAX, LAT_TOP columns in the CS section of pstorage top (press i). Lost packets as well as network latency values marked orange and red may indicate network issues.
- Ability to reset traffic statistics for running Contrainers (#PSBM-21243). The vztactl reset_ve_stat command now works for running Containers as well.
3. Bug Fixes
- Intel i350 NICs could silently drop the ARP packet generated by arpsend for VLAN interfaces. (#PSBM-22719)
- The Parallels Tools service startup type was switched from Auto to Delayed. (#PSBM-23163)
- Newly created ploop images could not be mounted after resizing. (#PSBM-24671)
- Replication performance was optimized in regard to SSD journals (#PSBM-25768)
- prl_backup_client could crash or hang if it used more than 1024 file descriptors. (#PSBM-26171)
- The ISCSI_ROOT variable now points to /pstorage/<cluster_name>/iscsi by default (#PSBM-26178)
- Autocompletion now works for pstorage-iscsi commands (#PSBM-26196).
- Unlicensed disk capacity is now shown in pstorage top (#PSBM-26342)
- CloudLinux Server 5 virtual machines could experience 1-2 minute hangs. (#PSBM-26394)
- The dispatcher could not start external processes (e.g., shaman, iptables) if it used more than 1024 file descriptors. (#PSBM-26422)
- Listening addresses can now be set for existing chunk servers with the pstorage configure-cs command. (#PSBM-26436)
- The dispatcher could crash after failure to stop the VNC server. (#PSBM-26583)
- Virtual machines with routed networking and enabled offline management could lose network after migration. (#PSBM-27454)
- Virtual machines created from shared templates remained in the invalid state after creation. (#PSBM-27729, #PSBM-27814)
- A number of other bugs (#PSBM-22777, #PSBM-23917, #PSBM-24500, #PSBM-24812, #PSBM-24876, #PSBM-24928, #PSBM-25604, #PSBM-25670, #PSBM-25734, #PSBM-25869, #PSBM-25922, #PSBM-25986, #PSBM-26164, #PSBM-26294, #PSBM-26340, #PSBM-26446, #PSBM-26570, #PSBM-26659, #PSBM-26966, #PSBM-27296, #PSBM-27447, #PSBM-27489, #PSBM-27507, #PSBM-27566, #PSBM-27642, #PSBM-27899).
4. Known Issues
- Containers with multiple virtual hard disks cannot be backed up or restored via Parallels Virtual Automation or using the vzabackup/vzarestore commands. Please use SDK API or prlctl command line utility to create backups for Containers with more than one virtual disk.
5. Deprecated Features
Features considered deprecated will be removed in the next major release of Parallels Cloud Server. They will, however, work and remain supported in Parallels Cloud Server 6.0. The following features are deprecated:
- The Virtuozzo file system (VZFS). For more information, see Article #2352875.
- Migration of physical servers to Containers and migration of Xen virtual machines to virtual machines. For more information, see Article #2352874.
- The vzbackup, vzabackup, and pbackup utilities. For more information, see Article #2352873.
- The global iptables mask configured in /etc/sysconfig/vz.
- All UBC resources except physpages and swappages (#PSBM-24231).
- The vziptables parameter configured in the kickstart file used for unattended installations of Parallels Cloud Server (#PSBM-27566).
All Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 users are advised to update their tools packages.
6. Obtaining the Update
You can download and install the update using the yum utility included in the Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 distribution.
Copyright (c) 1999-2014 Parallels IP Holdings GmbH and its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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