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Virtuozzo (formerly Parallels Cloud Server) 6.0 Update 6 (6.0.6-1992)

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2016 04:09PM UTC
Synopsis:          The new Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 update introduces new features and provides stability and usability fixes.

Issue date:        2014-04-15
Product:           Parallels Cloud Server 6.0
Keywords:          'stability' 'usability'
1. What's Included in This Update
The new packages for Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 introduce new features and provide fixes for virtual machine and Container management tools and Parallels Cloud Storage.
2. New Features
- Automatic loading of kernel modules on Container start or resume (#PSBM-13097). The new vzctl --netfilter command allows you to set the state of iptables modules for backup/restore or live migration. If some of the iptables modules allowed for a Container are not loaded on the Hardware Node where that Container has been restored or migrated, they will be automatically loaded when that Container starts.
- Highly Available iSCSI targets on Parallels Cloud Storage (#PSBM-23763). The pstorage-iscsi tools provide a convenient way of accessing Parallels Cloud Storage clusters from operating systems and third-party virtualization solutions. With these tools, you can export ploop images stored in Parallels Cloud Storage clusters as iSCSI LUNs.
- Ability to stop relocation of virtual machines and Containers if too many Hardware Nodes fail (#PSBM-18423). The new RELOCATION_SKIP_THRESHOLD parameter in the shaman.conf configuration file allows you to set how many Hardware Nodes can be down at the same time before shaman stops relocating virtual machines and Containers. Relocation resumes as soon as the number of failed Nodes drops below the threshold.
- Automatic Data Balancing in Parallels Cloud Storage (#PSBM-23871). To maximize I/O performance of storage drives in a cluster, Parallels Cloud Storage automatically balances drive load by moving data chunks from drives under high load to those under less load as well as moving the most used ("hot") data chunks to faster drives and least used ("cold") data chunks to slower drives.
- Improved HDD hotplug support for LSI RAID controllers (#PSBM-24292). The improved support of hot plugging and unplugging of HDDs connected to LSI RAID controllers allows you to easily add new or replace failed hard disks. Disks connected to LSI RAID controllers must work in the passthrough mode (JBOD) or RAID0.  Note: Special considerations apply to sharing SSD write cache between running CSes. This functionality is not implemented yet, so CSes with SSD journals will not be started automatically on disk hotplug.
- Easier identification of CSes on LSI RAID controllers. Parallels Cloud Storage now provides the pstorage-hotplugd locate command to easily identify CSes on LSI RAID controllers by distinctive LED patterns.
- New Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 guest OS (#PSBM-23872). Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 is now supported as a guest OS in virtual machines.
- IPSec support in Containers (#PSBM-20174). The IPSec protocol is now supported in Containers.
- Switching to snapshots of running virtual environments without resuming them (PSBM-24513). The new --skip-resume option for the prlctl snapshot-switch command allows you to skip automatic virtual machine or Container resume when switching to snapshots of running virtual machines or Containers.
- Ability to delete virtual machine HDDs used in snapshots (#PSBM-24992). The new --destroy-image-force option for the prlctl set --device-del command allows you to delete virtual machine's HDDs even if they are used in that virtual machine's snapshots.
- Improved cleanup of temporary Container snapshots (#PSBM-24727). New automatically merged 'temporary snapshots' ensure that disk space is not wasted on snapshots left over from failed backups or migrations.
- Memory usage statistics from guest OS (#PSBM-21913). Memory usage statistics can now be reported to subscribers from guest operating systems.
- GPT partition support for physical-to-virtual migration (#PSBM-18226). GPT partitions are now supported for migrating Windows-based physical hosts to virtual machines.
3. Bug Fixes
- The "Make sure that Parallels Tools are properly installed in the virtual machine" warning is shown during backup of Windows Server 2012 R2 with installed Parallels Tools (#PSBM-21377).
- Cannot add new MDS to cluster (#PSBM-24093)
- x86_64 versions of libstdc++, libxml2, and glib2 missing from the centos-6-x86_64 template (#PSBM-24115).
- Need to temporarily disable UNIX socket communications due to hang-ups under memory pressure (#PSBM-24426).
- Incorrect network restarts by Guest Tools in Debian and Ubuntu (#PSBM-24475)
- Newly created Containers may not start, ploop devices may not be mounted, the "invalid argument" is shown (#PSBM-24671)
- Overcommitted chunks should be removed even on non-healthy clusters to free disk space (#PSBM-24722)
- Custom shaman scripts are not executed (#PSBM-24730).
- Cannot configure name server and search domain in running Container with resolvconf installed (#PSBM-24918).
- Memory leak in vzctl2_get_env_status (#PSBM-24926).
- prlctl cannot resize disk to more than 4TB (#PSBM-25222).
- Online conversion of large Containers to ploop fails (#PSBM-25424).
- An MDS could hang in a busy loop on parallel file removal (#PSBM-25901).
- A number of other bugs (#PSBM-20653, #PSBM-21010, #PSBM-21649, #PSBM-21864,  #PSBM-22795, #PSBM-23503, #PSBM-23726, #PSBM-24018, #PSBM-24397, #PSBM-24406, #PSBM-24453, #PSBM-24501, #PSBM-24520, #PSBM-24629, #PSBM-24952, #PSBM-25102, #PSBM-25115, #PSBM-25118, #PSBM-25252, #PSBM-25317, #PSBM-25445, #PSBM-25462, #PSBM-25821, #PSBM-26058).
4. Known Issues
- Parallels Tools are not installed in the guest OS after physical-to-virtual migration of Windows Server 2012 R2 (#PSBM-25680).
- Cannot establish IPsec connections from Parallels Cloud Server Hardware Node to Containers. For more information, see /120008.
5. Deprecated Features
Features considered deprecated will be removed in the next major release of Parallels Cloud Server. They will, however, work and remain supported in Parallels Cloud Server 6.0. The following features are deprecated:
- The Virtuozzo file system (VZFS). For more information, see /119015.
- Migration of physical servers to Containers and migration of Xen virtual machines to virtual machines. For more information, see /119016.
- The vzbackup, vzabackup, and pbackup utilities. For more information, see /119017.
- The global iptables mask configured in /etc/sysconfig/vz.
All Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 users are advised to update their tools packages.
6. Obtaining the Update
You can download and install the Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 Update 6 using the yum utility included in the Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 distribution.
Copyright (c) 1999-2014 Parallels Holdings, Ltd. and its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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